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How to use Norton Antivirus Software

While browsing web, we feel surrounded by hackers, spammers and other malicious elements which are havoc threat to our devices. If we ignore them and continue to use the internet without any protection, a storm of troubles is waiting for us. So, it is necessary to secure our devices from such hazardous vulnerabilities. To provide you a protection shield from the virus, malware, Trojan and other hazards, several antivirus brands are available in the market, but Norton is more than an antivirus, it is complete security suite. Above all, Norton Technical Support +1-855-676-2448 is also available in case of any issue.

Norton removes all minor as well major infected elements from your device automatically, but scanning is a long process and takes several hours for completion.
Using Norton Internet security on your device is quite a straightforward process. All you need is to follow few simple steps. Here we have mentioned all provided all the required steps


Firstly you need to download, install and setup Norton antivirus on your device.
Once installed follow the given steps to run a scan:

1. Hit the option “Run Live Update” to check for the virus. The live updates feature runs a
thorough scan on your device and searches for all the latest virus infected entities. Once
completed click OK to proceed.

2. Go to the Options>>Norton antivirus and then select the Manual scan option from the
left panel.

3. Now to remove all the infected data files click on Automatically Repair the Infected File
and then select Comprehensive File scanning. These two options check all your device
for all infected repair if possible and remove the stubborn one.

4. Select all the necessary option for deep scanning namely Boot Records, “Scan Within
Compressed Files
", "Master Boot Records”, and "Scan Active Programs and Start-Up Files" and click Ok to start the scan.

5. To initiate the virus scan on your computer, Click on Scan for viruses, and double-tick on
the Scan My Computer. The all infected elements will be deleted automatically and your
system will be optimized for better performance.

Important Note: It is advisable to back up your data before performing the virus scan because it may delete an important file which is infected. So save your data on an external device to avoid data loss.

These steps will help you make an effective use of your Norton Internet security, to clean your
device from all infections defected data and system utilities. But if in any case, you face an
obstacle while running a scan, you can contact Norton Customer Support Number +1-855-676-2448, the toll-free way to contact Norton experts. The technicians will guide you to use your Norton product incorrect manner for better detection and removal of virus. Also, you can avail assistance for any technical glitches which is hindering the performance and capabilities of Norton antivirus suite.

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